What's in your library?

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The Friends of the Library are working hard to keep the library open and available to our community. They will have a booth on the breezeway in front of the library during the Scandinavian Festival, selling colorful (and oh, so useful) book bags. If you would like to donate time or money, or just offer support, contact Lynn Frost at the Library or Flo Brewer at 461-7332
Here's a list of all the great things your library has for you and your family.
Reserve a book online or search through library periodicals!    Go there now!


In fact, we've got over 20,000 books - including a large children's section. 
And did you know that you can order books from other Libraries around Oregon? Its true! Whatever you're looking for - from instruction to biographies to the latest fiction -you'll find it at your library! 


Perfect for listening to while you're driving,  sick, or..?  
There's over 70 tapes of fiction and non-fiction with titles like Silence of the Lambs and Black Beauty by your favorite authors like Dick Francis, Stephen King, and Tom Clancy.


Surprised? Your library has some great entertainment, like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Its a Wonderful Life”. How-to tapes on subjects like Learning Sign Language, The Internet, and  Photography. Travel tapes to explore places like Denmark, Vienna, and Spain. 
Plus the complete Time-Life Health series. 


We subscribe to over 40 different publications - including The Register-Guard, Oregonian, and The Wall Street Journal - so you can keep current on just about anything. You can even check out past issues!


With lots of programs for: 
Productivity, like Excel and MS Word! 
Reference CDs like  MS Bookshelf", " The Way Things Work”, and Microsoft's  Encarta Encyclopedia! 
Educational Games like “Oregon Trail” and Living Books.


That's right – you can do research or just “surf the web” with three constant, dedicated Internet Connections and lots of great bookmarks to help you find what you're looking for. 


Held every Tuesday morning at 11:15 
What a wonderful way to introduce your little one to all the great things at your library!